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Grundfootball Amateur Soccer Community

Grundfootball Amateur Soccer Community

Startupsexit the marketplace of startups

Startupsexit the marketplace of startups


Social Media, Growth and Traction Hacking & Startup Marketing. We like to create all kinds of cool stuff related to social media; in fact we are obsessed by cool social gadgets. This is why we can help you create and maintain your awesome community services around your service, hobby, theme or product, and establish a good base of friends, fans and customers. Check out our services and if you have any questions shoot us a mail! We'd love to hear from you. Admit it... your are at least a bit curious!


We like to make things for web, in fact we are little bit too obsessed. In fact we earn money whilst working on things we're totally in love with. Admit, you're jealous?


It is important to make a web site visually attractive, that`s why we never lose sight of the fact that every site must be easy to use and intuitive. Try it, it's 100% fat free.




    Grundfootball (Grundfoci / Grundfussball) has been running since 2007 and is the most successful amateur football community site in Hungary. Grundfootball a unique website, which allows those fond of amateur football to come together online. The project is aimed at creating sports communities, non-professional sports teams, clubs, events and to recruit new sport-loving generations. In Hungary […]

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    SERVICES PORTAL (Freephoto) has been running since 2009 and is the most successful portrait photo service mostly for young models and middle age women. We organize a stylist, hairdresser, makeup artist and a professional photographer at a highly exclusive studio on the photo-shooting days.The unique system allows the models to create their portfolios without risk. If the model […]

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    The main goal of our sport community sites is to motivate users, provide communication and management-platforms for the communities and popularize the amateur and mass-sports. has been running since 2009 and is very popular among the amateur sailing sport community in Hungary. Yardstick is a unique website, which allows those fond of amateur sailing to […]

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    MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT is the leading soccer news portal of Hungary. It provides about 50 news every day, live broadcasts and unique columns.  Check out the app here:

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    Klebelsberg Institution Maintenance Centre (Klebelsberg Intézményfenntartó Központ) has recently won a EU tender for the Elementary School of Szendehely. Since that, GF Social Media runs its PR and communication relations. More details about the tender:  

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    Exasol’s CAM software is the first software that is able to simulate G-codes online. GF Social Media was responsible for the company’s “Marketing and product launching strategies of Exasol’s CAM software.” project.

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    GF Social Media redesign the website of and designed a unique fridge magnet for its promotional activities.

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Services Packages

Brainstorming for Startups
  • Guide to prepare a formal one-page
  • Forming the website landing page
  • Creating startup social profiles (Angelist, F6S, Fundacity)
  • Launching social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, etc.)
  • Preparing an animated display video of the product/service
  • Preparing an introduction presentation

Traction Finder for Startups
  • Preparing an introduction presentation to sales
  • Website with pre-sales functions and packs
  • Optimising social media profiles for sales content
  • Supporting initial PR activity
  • Preparing sales (ambassador, distributor) packages
  • Preparing a sales video

International Launch for Startups
  • Preparing social media and a communication moodboard for the secure adaption of  the strategy
  • Preparing social media policy
  • Building Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, moreover preparing and teaching management rules
  • Guide to generate social media content – initially generating together and teaching
  • Preparing a display video (or animated video)
  • Preparing community funding campaigns, producing the required matters (videos, graphics, text content and donation packages)
  • Online PR management – preparing 2 complete PR materials. Efficiency guide and campaign start.


Detailed Services

Social media research

There are a lot of micro-communities who’s market potential is not yet known, but we are here to help!
We have already completed our thorough market research in Hungary and CEE region too about the amateur football community (we now have more data than the Hungarian Football Association) and we are soon continuing in other countries as well.


Social media maintenance

Our social media experts manage your online communities, including the set up of profiles as needed, management and monitoring of accounts and keywords, engagement posting and interaction, creation of editorial calendars and monthly activity reports

SM & Mobile campaigns

We develop social media strategies, build social applications and deliver social media and mobile campaigns that improve business results for brands and other agencies

Web and mobile application development

Our professional developers are able to create a mobile application for either iOS or Android.

We serve cutting edge technology and have precise workflows in place giving you transparency while we work together in every phase of your product’s life. From conceptual planning, user experience design to development, test phases and necessary hosting solutions.

Social Strategy and Policy Preparing
Analyzing and creating (new) social media services of a company/product/service for domestic and international market. Inside and outside social media policy preparing. 
Online broadcasting & vlogger media
Creating hyping pages and strategies.
Shooting (on the spot) with a group of 3 talented camera-men, Ustream, live and/or repetitive broadcasting.
Cutting and subtitling reports, publishing and sharing them on social media sites.
Local and international online PR service and GrowthHacking
We create your  hype, social media strategy and policies, set up your social media activity-map and main content directions,  finalise your content texts and images. We handle and measure your growhthacking campaign. 
Facebook and Google campaign management

Facebook content management.

Managing the (already existing and working) Facebook pages of a company/product/service.
Creating the annual content concept of the page, content generating, sharing and publishing, motivating and activating the users, managing questions and answers in order to generate a higher reach.
Proper Facebook strategy consultancy regarding the following points: market research, competitors, creating, managing and analyzing the content of creative campaigns.

Organize and run events, hackathons and other micro-community competitions
Activate a community, creating and leading unique promotions.
Providing location, hostesses, moderator, tools, devices. Communicating the event before, during and after the event.


Design is important because chaos is so hard, that's why our team was created from the desire to make a living while promoting and nurturing what we value in our daily lives.

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Tamas represented GF Social Media and ( at Pioneers Festival 30-31 October – The World’s Premium speaker, startup, investor, networking event. He shared his ideas on online community websites and football networking. For more detail check out:

Daniel, Szilveszter Nandor welcome to our team!

Hey! I am Viktoria and I am the new GrundAngel. I can help You and Your football team to find the best fields you are looking for.  Would you like to play matches with other teams ? Do you miss a member to be a full team ? If yes, let’s register on ! […]

Last Sunday we visit the Bayern München – Győr match with in full stadium. It was great thanks the Bayern (especially  to Mario Götze, Ribéry and of course to Tamás Müller too). Oh, by the way the Bayern was the winner (4 – 1)

Hurray! Last week Tamás Müller represented our program and success before participants of UEFA congress.

I’m Zita the new GrundAngel. I will call you and help you and your football team to find the best Hungarian soccer fields you are looking for. You can find me there under the name of GrundAngel Zita. If you need help immediately, please feel free to contact me calling +36 30 716 – 6346; […]

We relaunch our grundfootball sport tools market where our members could sell and buy sport clothes, tools and gadgets:

We provide original, quality, attractive and functional design.


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